Welcome to the IVAO Virtual Airline membership registration section, this section is for Virtual Airlines ONLY

What will this registration give my VA?

If you are the CEO, President, Founder, etc.. of a VA that is very active in the online flying scene of IVAO, you can take advantage of our VA member services by becoming a member VA of IVAO. In the future we hope to introduce more physical incentives for VA members, such as discount codes to software and specialised awards.

Becoming a member will also give you access to use our VA-System (click here to go to the VA-System), an administration utility designed for Virtual Airlines, with their help. As a member, you will also have permission to use weather and online flight tracking displays on your website.

Who can become a member VA?

To become a member VA of IVAO, your VA must satisfy the following (view the VA rules & requirements):
  • Your VA should be a freeware, non commercial, non profit, organization.
  • No commercial advertising is allowed.
  • Be active in IVAO.
  • Be operational. If not operational, your request will be removed.
  • Have a fully functional website. If the VA is under construction your application will be rejected automatically.
  • If the website of the VA must have a funtion for English language as well as your native language. Mandatory pages in English are: the home page, VA Rules & Regulation page, the pilot roster, the staff list, and the page(s) related to the flight activity of the VA (i.e the statistic page).
  • Only IVAO member VAs will have the right to mantain a registered ICAO code.
  • The CEO of the VA must be:
    • at least 16 years old,
    • have an IVAO account for at least 6 months,
    • no suspension record in the last 3 months,
  • All the above is valid not only for the CEO/Owner at the time of registration, but also for all future CEOs. The VA itself should not be using free hosting.
  • The registration form must be filled in and submitted by the actual CEO/Owner of the VA and not by another person, even if belonging to the VA-staff.
  • After the application has been submitted, the HQ Flight Operations Department will also require the approval from the Division HQ. In case the country of the VA registration doesn’t have an active division, the approval/denial depends on the DIV-HQ the CEO belongs to, if the division is active, otherwise the approval/denial depends on the FOD/FOAD or Executive.
  • The Division HQ can request anytime to remove a VA from the system. The same rules apply for military and civil VAs.

What is required?

Before you proceed, please make sure you have 3 logos ready.
  • For the Online Flights page you need a logo that is exactly 85 x 18 pixels in GIF format. Anything else will be rejected.
  • For the database page a GIF logo with a maximum size of 450 x 150 pixels. Anything larger will be rejected, smaller logos are always welcomed.
  • If you want to use the VA-System a logo of exactly 60 x 40 pixels in GIF format.

You will be required to link to IVAO using the logo sent to you via e-mail. IVAO will not be responsible of copyright violations.

If you want to use the services of the VA-System, your IVAO Forum Nick Name will be required. If you do not have a forum Nick Name already, you can get one here.

ICAO code validation:

  • During the process of registration we will check if your airline's ICAO code is already in the database.
  • Each airline has a unique 3 letter ICAO code, that is used to track it on the network, so we will make sure we have no duplicate codes that will conflict.
  • Your code will identify your airline on the network. (click here to see how).
If your code is already taken, try to come up with another one, only those VAs based on real world airlines can have the same real world ICAO code, allocation of codes is on a first come basis.


  • Virtual airlines who want to become affiliated with IVAO, will have access to all the network services, including the display of real time online flights, the VA-System, and future network development
  • VAs with an inactive CEO will be removed from the database if a new active CEO is not appointed in a period of 15 days after receiving the warning from the Flight Operation Department.
  • the use of the VA-System is not mandatory, but recommended if you are using the ICAO code of the real airline you are simulating.
  • Prospective VA's with broken URLs will be disregarded, while those that are under construction are kindly asked to re-submit an application once the VA has launched. It is IVAO policy that only active VA's as such are added to the DB.