12:00 - [PL] Warszawa VFR Overload 2021 12-14z

May 3 is a very important date for every Pole. On this day, we celebrate the adoption of the second constitution in the world - the constitution on May 3 from 1791. The background of event banner is the painting "Constitution of 3 May 1791" by the famous Polish painter Jan Matejko, depicting the Marshal of the Sejm - Stanislaw Malachowski holding the Constitution in his hand and the crowd cheering for its adoption.

To celebrate this special occasion we are pleased to announce Warszawa VFR Overload 2021.
To participate in event, fly from/to or between airports involved in event.

Airports involved: EPWA, EPMO, EPBC, EPGO, EPPT, EPGY

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18:00 - [AT] Division Online Day

Austrian Division Online Day

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