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The Austrian Division invites you to explore the beautiful country, master challenging approaches or just get to know our people.
Hope to see you in Austrian skies - flying with friends.

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18:00 - [AT] KLAGENFURT (LOWK) FlyIn <--> FlyOut

Klagenfurt - the provincial capital of Carinthia offers so much that a full enumeration would fill several pages here. Therefore only a short excerpt:

Geology (Source: Wikipedia):
The entire Klagenfurt basin was filled in the Ice Age by the Draugletscher. After the melting of the ice masses, alluvial cones of the Glan formed the subsurface of today's northern urban area and the customs field, consisting of glacial gravel. At the same time, Lake Wörthersee was built, which some 4,000 years ago reached into today's city center, where a large moorland formed by gradual silting up. The hills in the north of the city consist mainly of old crystalline mica schists and Paleozoic phyllites, greenscales and limestones, the Sattnitz ridge south of Klagenfurt from conglomerates.

Interesting (Source: www.klagenfurt.at):
Three games of the European Football Championship 2008 were played in the specially built stadium. There played the national teams of Germany, Poland and Croatia.
"Philips Ladyshave" is a Klagenfurt product. One of five Philips competence centers for household and personal care equipment worldwide is located in Klagenfurt. Epiliers, beard trimmers, hair trimmers, dental care systems or the Cellesse anti-cellulite device are also created here. Also the famous designer citrus press (design: Matteo Thun) comes from the Philips location Klagenfurt.
The good old postcard, formerly Correspndenzkarte, was also invented in Klagenfurt. Born in Klagenfurt Dr. med. Emanuel Alexander Herrmann proposed as economist and ministerial official in the newspaper "New Free Press" in early 1869 the introduction of a postal or correspondence card. The postal administration took up the proposal and only a few months later, the first tickets were sent.
Klagenfurt also has the oldest pedestrian zone in Austria. In 1961 it was decided to provide the Kramergasse and the Wienergasse to the pedestrians - and exclusively to the pedestrians.
Udo Jürgens, the Wenger mustard, straw rum, Pago fruit juices, the flower "Wulfenia" are also from Klagenfurt.
Also the first residential skyscraper and the first district heating plant in Austria - all in Klagenfurt.

Reasons enough to visit Klagenfurt.
Our FlyIn - FlyOut is a great opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you!
IVAO-Austria Events Department

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