00:00 - [ES] Online Day

It is finally Friday... and now what!?
Well, you can connect as a controller or as a pilot in our ONLINE DAY.
It is our day, choose your airport to control, or prepare that flight plan you were waiting to make and activate ONLINE mode.
There are always positions occupied and a multitude of flights underway.

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15:00 - [05 JUL | 15z - 19z] [HQ+DZ] Algiers Fly In/Fly Out - Independence Day Celebrations

Come and celebrate the Independence Day while enjoying the beautiful Algiers Fly In/Out accompanied with a full ATC coverage.

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23:00 - [05 JUL | 20z - 23z][SO EVENT][VE] Venezuela Independence Day

Special Operations Event:

The “VENEZUELA INDEPENDENCE DAY” is a one-day event, in which we will make an air parade over "Founding Fathers Boulevard" in Caracas, departing and arriving to "El Libertador" (SVBL) Airbase.

It is traditional in Venezuela, every year, to celebrate a military parade with an air parade, overflying the “Paseo Los Proceres” at Caracas to celebrate the Independence Day, with pasaage of fighters, trainers, helicopters and transports aircraft, it requires precise coordination to get in and get out of Caracas Valley and tight formation flight capabilities, with little time to maneuvers between waypoints.

Event Master Plan is provided on the HQ-SOD website.
Participant registration is required on the HQ-SOD website.

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