10:00 - [XO | 10z - 13z] Queenstown Challenge

Queenstown is one of the most difficult airports to land within the Oceanic Region Division. Challenge the limits and experience the excitement of the Queenstown Challenge! Join us, handle this approach and enjoy full ATC coverage.

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12:30 - [06 JUL | 10Z-12:30Z][SO Event] Operation Himalaya 2024

Special Operations Event: The IVAO Special Operations department is pleased to introduce Operation Himalaya 2024 event.

The "Operations Himalaya 2024" event is a complex mission that requires meticulous planning, a highly skilled team, and precise execution. This plan outlines the essential stages to locate and rescue the missing individuals, ensuring their safety and the success of the mission. The main objective is to locate and rescue two individuals who have gone missing in a mountainous region.

This airport will be open from 1000UTC to 1230UTC.

Fly or give ATC in this event to earn two points for the Jet Fighter or SO ATC Awards.

Event Master Plan is provided on the HQ-SOD website.
Participant registration is required on the HQ-SOD website.

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13:00 - [AR] Argentina OnLine Day

1.1 Award given to any PILOT or ATC that has participated in 25 OnLine days sessions.
1.2 All Saturdays from 13:00z to 23:59z
1.3 Peak Hour: 18:00z to 21:00z
1.4 Only flights within Argentina territory will be valid.

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17:00 - [DE] German Onlineday

Get ready for another episode of Germany┬┤s Onlineday!

Date: 18th June 2024
Timespan: 19-22lcl

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18:00 - 18:00 - [CU] CUBA ONLINE DAY

Every Saturday between 1800z and 0200z (peak time between 2100z and 0000z) you can fly and/or control to obtain a maximum of (2) points, one for control and one for flight to hold the medal. We hope for a good influx of traffic and ATC service. Do your bit too!

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19:00 - [06 JUL | 19z - 00z] [HQ+AR+BR+UY] The 6th IVAO Connect Event

Three divisions will participate in these events, with each division having two airports, resulting in a total of six airports for the event. Pilots are required to complete two flights between these six airports, with the only condition being that the flights cannot be between two airports within the same division.

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19:00 - [VE] Venezuela Online Day

The Venezuela Division wants to invite you to participate in its weekly event "Online Day Venezuela"
with full control in Venezuela.
We are waiting for you!!!

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21:00 - [PE] Online Day

Peruvian Online Day

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