14:00 - [07 JUL | 16z - 20z] [HQ+XU] 10 Years of IVAO United Kingdom and Ireland

July marks the 10th Anniversary of IVAO United Kingdom and Ireland.
To mark such a special occasion, IVAO XU MCD are holding an air bridge of the two busiest airports of both countries. Heathrow (EGLL) and Dublin (EIDW).
Take flight from 14z and head for Dublin (EIDW) until 19z with full ATC Enroute

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23:00 - [07 JUL | 19z - 23z] [HQ+VE] MAIQUETÍA RFO

The most awaited event of the year has arrived, the MAIQUETIA RFO. It will consist of 136 flights where we will perform the Real Flight Operations in the "Simon Bolivar International Airport" of Maiquetia, which serves the metropolitan area of Caracas being the most important airport in Venezuela. On this occasion, we will try to cover the maximum capacity of flights per hour of the airport, we count on you to accomplish this feat and enjoy with us this great event.

We invite you to participate flying with us this July 7th, 2024!

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