15:00 - GCC Region Online Day

GCC Region Online Day

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16:00 - [10 MAR | 12z - 16z] [TH] Amazing Thailand with Thai AirAsia Part 1

IVAO Thailand is proud to present a new event in March. That is Amazing Thailand With Thai AirAsia.

We will take all pilots to fly to various tourist cities in Thailand or a city that many people may not know before by flying with the airline, Thai AirAsia, we will fly to all 4 airports.

The first airport we will go to is Chiang Mai International Airport is located in the northern part of Thailand. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Thailand. We will take you from Don Mueang International Airport (VTBD) to Chiang Mai International Airport (VTCC) and return to Don Mueang International Airport (VTBD) (Turn Around Flight).

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19:00 - Tunisia Online Evening

Every Friday, during 2 hours from 19:00z to 21:00z , one airport will be fully covered by ATC service and members are invited to fly in or out this airport.

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20:00 - [10 MAR | 16z - 20z] [ES+TN] DTTA -LEMG

Tunisian division together with the Spanish division are pleased to present this fantastic airbridge between Tunisia and Malaga.

During Online Day we will fly through international airspaces.

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