17:00 - [HU] Hungarian Online Evening

Hungarian Online Evening, every Monday 17:00 UTC - 21:00 UTC.

Hope to see you there.

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18:00 - [TR] Turkish Airspace Multi Airbridge Event

Dear IVAO Members

You are all invited to the "Multi Airbridge" event, which will take place on February 11, 2019. In addition, the exam will take place in the position of CTR at the time of the event. Good luck to our member who will take the exam, and we wish all our members a pleasant flight. We want to see you in our airspace at 11.02.2019
Event Date: 11 February 2019
Event Time:18.00z
Event Type: Airbridge
Event Details You can perform your flights in the form of LTBA<===>LTBS or LTFJ<==>LTBJ. Our event is a two-way air bridge.

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