Each tuesday the Spanish division will provide the possibility to have ATC coverage for a stunning area.

Free your wings and enjoy this great ONLINE DAY.

17:00 - [CZ] Czech Online Tuesday

Fly to fully controlled LKAA!

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17:00 - [PL] Poland Online Evening

Dear pilots and controllers.

Poland Online Evening
Polish division opens its Airspace every Tuesday evening for every air traffic.
Let's have a great time together with IVAO spirit!

We invite you to FIR Warsaw every Tuesday from 1700Z to 2000Z

For more information click here.

17:00 - [RO] Romania Online Day

IVAO Romania invites you to participate to "Romania Online Day" every Saturday.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

To obtain the ATC Romania Online Day badge you must participate in 25 sessions of control during our Romania Online Evening.


Members out of RO division must have the GCA.

Each control will be reported on MODA System accessing to ODATC18 Tour.

For more information click here.

18:00 - [SI] Slovenia Online Evening

Every Tuesday after 1800Z, the online evening of the Slovenian Division takes place on the IVAO network. Air traffic control will always be provided online.

The time of the air traffic control presence can be used by all pilots for any of the flights from the rich offer of our tour.

Both VFR flights and IFR flight rules are desirable.

You are invited to participate as much as possible.

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18:00 - [XU] Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is a large annual Christmas event held in Hyde Park, London, typically from mid-November to early January each year. It is one of the biggest, and most well-attended such events in the world, featuring several festive markets, over 100 rides and attractions from across Europe.

Passengers will want to be transported from all around the world to London's prime airports to attend Winter Wonderland.

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18:00 - [XU] Online Night

Everyone is invited to either fly between 18z - 22z to light up the UK on a Tuesday night.

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18:00 - [XB] BeLux Online Evening

Every Tuesday BeLux Region is having its weekly Online Evening. The goal of this evening is to attract as much traffic as possible to one or more focus airports situated in Belgium and Luxembourg. These focus airports will vary from time to time in order to give the participating pilots and controllers the possibility to explore the different commercial airports in the vicinity.

Make sure to check the link below before participating to the Online Evening to see where the traffic activity will be going on. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information click here.

18:00 - [TR] Turkey Online Day

Every Tuesday, between 18:00z-21:00z! Come and enjoy with Turkey Online Day! Also participate 25 online days and you will earn an award.
We are looking forward to see you in our airspace!

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19:30 - [FR] Strasbourg's Christmas Market

Another busy year for Santa's elfs !

Another year for the Strasbourg Christmas Market to shine in this snowy night of Tuesday 11th December, starting at 19:30z

We count on you to bring your sleds full of presents to bring them at the largest Christmas Tree of western Europe. Fill your tanks of mulled wine, keep your gingerbread close to you to stay awake during your HOLD over SAV (haha)

Keep your charts even closer!

Note: In your FPL, insert RMK/, we will send the list to Santa after the event!

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20:00 - France Online Day

L'Online Day est de retour en France chaque Mardi soir de 20h à 23h locale !

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22:00 - [UY] Uruguay Online Day

We wait for you every Tuesday at 22Z, so that you come to fly and control in Uruguay !!!

The online day consists of activating Uruguayan airspace by flying and controlling.
We are going to wait for you every Tuesday from 19HLU (22Z) with a good ATC service to make your flight more enjoyable and entertaining!

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