00:00 - [ES] Online Day

It is finally Friday... and now what!?
Well, you can connect as a controller or as a pilot in our ONLINE DAY.
It is our day, choose your airport to control, or prepare that flight plan you were waiting to make and activate ONLINE mode.
There are always positions occupied and a multitude of flights underway.

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17:00 - [12 JUL | 15z - 17z] [IR] Weekend with Persian Tour

In the year 2024 the Iran Division of IVAO will host monthly events featuring IFR 2024 tour routes will take place This leg is the very last leg of Weekend with Persian Tour we proudly presented you these series of events and we hope you enjoyed it

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20:00 - GCC Virtual to GCC Skies

Event date: 12/07/2024
Event time: 16z-20z
Event type: Airbridge
Airports: Departure(OKKK) - Arrival(OOMS)

The GCC Virtuals Airbridge, a collaborative aviation event organized by the IVAO GCC Region, features a scenic and engaging flight route from Kuwait (OKKK) to Muscat (OOMS). This event offers virtual pilots the opportunity to experience a realistic and well-coordinated flight operation across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) airspace. Participants will navigate through diverse air traffic control zones, engage with detailed procedures, and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the Arabian Peninsula.

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