00:00 - [EG] Egypt Online Day

Egyptian Online Day is Held Every Saturday at 18:00 Z . Bring Your Wings & Come To See The Nile River , New Suez Canal and the Great Pyramids and Fly Under our Great ATC .

Also Feel totally Free to Contact me if you need anything On ( eg-ec@ivao.aero )

For more information, please visit the Egyptian division Forum at: EG Forum

see you all there.

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09:30 - [ES] XGN R Encounter

IVAO ES will participate this year as a novelty at the XGN R ENCOUNTER, will held in Silleda, Galicia.

The most important feature of this event is that it will also be a live event, without a doubt, suitable to meet good friends, who usually coincide on the airwaves and in the air.


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16:00 - [NL+XB] BeNeLux Cargo Airbridge

The BeLux and Netherlands divisions are inviting you to the BeNeLux Cargo Airbridge, an evening full of cargo flights between three airports in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg!

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16:00 - [AO] Angola Online Day

Angola division new online day 16 to 21UTC.

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16:00 - [MA] online day Morocco

WELCOME in online day in morocco airspace ;)

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17:00 - [HU] Hungarian Online Evening

Fly to the fully staffed Hungary FIR, every Saturday, and report your leg to the MODA system.
Hope to see you there.

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18:00 - [CL-AR-UY] FAU-571, the Miracle of the Andes

It is this world-famous plane crash (happened on October 13, 1972) very close to the border between Argentina and Chile, which calls us to commemorate that well-known feat, achieved by only 17 young survivors among very fearsome conditions inside Andes Mountains. So we wish to pay an emotive Tribute to Life after all.

This Saturday October 13, 2018, exactly 46 years after that sadly famous aeronautical catastrophe, with the deepest respect to 28 deceased persons and admiration towards each of survivors, the IVAO Chile Division, in collaboration with IVAO Argentina and IVAO Uruguay, invite fraternally you all to participate in the event "FAU-571, the Miracle of the Andes".

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