00:00 - [CL] ONLINE DAY

This is an event every Sunday from 00:00z to 24:00z, in which you can control in the position you prefer, and fly in the aircraft of your choice.

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00:00 - [PE] Online Day

Let's fly and enjoy our Online Day.

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10:00 - [XE+ID+IN+MY+TH+XO+HQ] 2020 Full Control Asia and Oceanic

The annual Full Control event is here again! We provide full ATC radar coverage across over 10 hours flight, 10 countries and regions, and 5 hours on Saturday night. This HQ affiliated event is jointly organised by East Asia Region, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Oceanic Region Divisions, no matter where you fly, you will be covered by our professional ATCs who will be serving 21 FIRs. Let's light up the Asia and Oceanic skies by participating, and gain HQ award and points!
The whole event will be on 15 February 2020, from 1000z to 1500z.

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17:00 - [15 FEB | 17z - 19z] [XG] GULF VFR FLIGHT Event

> Event Date: Saturday, February 15th, 2020
> Event Time: 1700z to 1900z
> Event Type: VFR FLIGHT
> Countries: United Arab Emirates
> Airports involved: OMAL OMFJ

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17:00 - [PL] Poland Online Evening

New series of Poland Online Evenings!
Fly or control throughout Polish skies to have magnificent fun and to collect a Division Online Day Award.
Forward to hearing you on the frequency!

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18:00 - [CH] Zurich Fly-In

Come an fly into Zurich, you will get a unique experience with Zurich fully covered. Every kind of traffic is welcome no matter if you want to fly IFR or VFR.

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20:00 - [UY+AR] Punta del Este Season End

La temporada de verano en Punta del Este va llegando a su fin y la mayoría de los turistas vuelven a Buenos Aires, en vuelos comerciales y ejecutivos. Por lo que realizamos un evento en conjunto con IVAO Argentina el próximo sábado 15 de febrero en el que deberás volar desde San Fernando (SADF), Aeroparque (SABE) y El Palomar (SADP) hacia Laguna del Sauce (SULS) y Punta del Este (SUPE) y/o viceversa

A partir de las 20z y hasta las 23z del 15 de febrero volamos desde Buenos Aires (SADF/SABE/SADP) hasta Punta del Este (SULS/SUPE) y/o viceversa.

The summer season in Punta del Este is coming to an end and most tourists return to Buenos Aires, on commercial and executive flights. So we are holding an event in conjunction with IVAO Argentina next Saturday February 15 in which you must fly from San Fernando (SADF), Aeroparque (SABE) and El Palomar (SADP) to Laguna del Sauce (SULS) and Punta del Este (SUPE) and/or vice versa

From 20z to 23z on February 15th we fly from Buenos Aires (SADF/SABE/SADP) to Punta del Este (SULS/SUPE) and/or vice versa.

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