13:00 - [AR] ONLINE DAY 24

1.1 Award given to any PILOT or ATC that has participated in 25 OnLine days sessions.
1.2 All Saturdays from 13:00z to 23:59z
1.3 Peak Hour: 18:00z to 21:00z
1.4 Only flights within Argentine territory will be valid.

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15:00 - [ES] Virtual Airlines fly to Paradise

This year we are holding this event again, which was so successful in 2023.
All airlines are invited to this beautiful flight, bound for the Canary Islands, where paradise begins.
They will fly to one of these airports: GCLA, GCTS, GCXO, GCLP, GCFV and GCRR.

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19:00 - [28 JUL | 17z - 19z][SO Event] Sea Angel Rescue

Special Operations Event: The IVAO Special Operations department is pleased to introduce Sea Angel Rescue.

Join us for a thrilling search and rescue mission in the TTZP FIR, where you will provide critical assistance to a sinking ship and its crew. The event is designed to train pilots and maritime rescue teams in coordinated air and sea rescue operations, simulating real-life emergency scenarios.

This airport will be open from 1700UTC to 1900UTC.

Engage in this event as a pilot to earn two points toward the Jet Fighter Award, or provide ATC services to accumulate two points for the SO ATC Award.

Event Master Plan is provided on the HQ-SOD website.
Participant registration is required on the HQ-SOD website.

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