12:00 - [ID] Indonesia CAT-A Medical Assistance

A Naval Ship on the sea not far from the central city of Surabaya need help to evacuate fire victims. They are in emergency condition. As the Pilot you are requested to rescue them and bring them to the Naval Hospital. Your tasks it fly from Juanda Int’l Airport (SUB/WARR) fly direct to Naval Ship Coordinates and then pick fire victims and then fly direct to Naval Hospital, the last you should return to base. Fly below 4000 feet AGL when you enroute this mission.

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14:00 - [RU] Formula 1: Russian GP 2017

Dear Pilots! 28-30 April 2017 in Sochi the 4th leg of Formula One World Championship will take place. We invite every one on 29 of April from 14z-18z to fly to Sochi providing airtransport support, carrying on board members of any F1 team or passengers and visitors.

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16:00 - [SY] Syrian Online Day

Every Saturday from 1600z to 2100z .
Full ATC in Syrian fir

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16:00 - [DZ+SN] Airbridge DAUH-GABS

Senegalese and Algerian Division is proud to annouce you a creation of an Airbridge enter Oued Irara & Bamako

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Every Saturday 17:00 Zulu, members of the Algerian Division are invited to communicate only using English phraseology. everybody is welcome to fly in our skies to discover the talent of the most active division in Africa.

DZ Division wish you good flight !

All charts are available at: Algeria Charts

Come and fly in Algeria !

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18:00 - [HU] Hungarian Online Evening

Fly to the fully staffed Hungary FIR, every Saturday, and report your leg to the MODA system.
Hope to see you there.

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19:00 - [NO] Longyearbyen Svalbard Midnight Sun Fly-In

Join our unique midnight fly-in to Longyearbyen (ENSB) event! Enjoy full ATC coverage and daylight at midnight! On Saturday April 29th from 19z til 22z our controllers will be waiting for you!

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