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General Guidelines for IVAO Manuals

The usage of the manuals published on this page is limited to the IVAO Network.

Any usage of these manuals on any other network (not approved by IVAO) is strictly forbidden.

Hotlinking to and/or uploading the manuals is strictly forbidden.

Translating the manual is strictly forbidden without permission from the Software Development Department


For manual translations contact Kenny Moens.


Manual Downloads

Language Rev. Author(s)  
English 1.1.8 IVAO Dev Team [Download]
Arabic 1.1.8 Abdullah Al Ghamdi [Download]
Chinese 1.1a Craft Shen and James Wind [Download]
Dutch 1.1a Anonymous [Download]
French 1.1a Romain Pras and Stephan Chedlivili [Download]
German 1.1a IVAO DE [Download]
Hungarian 1.1a Janos Lenarth [Download]
Italian 1.1a Carlo Pahler [Download]
Portuguese (Brasil) 1.1.8 Marcelo Guerson and Rog�rio Rossi [Download]
Romanian 1.1a Chris Marinescu [Download]
Spanish 1.1.8 Carlos Fern�ndez [Download]


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