The IVAO ATC Client, known as IVAC, is a stand-alone program specifically developed for IVAO, based on the real radars of Belgocontrol, Eurocontrol and Amsterdam Radar, which allows you to control on the network.

IVAC is a feature-rich application that provides an extensive set of tool for positions ranging from delivery to centre controllers. This free software client allows you to keep in touch and coordinate with our online pilots.

The successor of IVAC 1 is under development, IVAC 1 will only receive maintenance updates.


IVAC2 Testing has now been extended to all registered IVAO members.

As this is an on going development, in order for you to always get the latest version of the software, we kindly ask that you visit the Terminal2 Solutions website.

They have also made available a Documentation Library Here.

IvAc 1

Main features

  • Full-screen radar display with moveable dialog windows
  • All navaids can be separately turned on or off
  • Fast zooming using mousewheel or functionkeys
  • Fast panning of the map
  • 4 customizable zoom positions (function key or button)
  • UTC clock
  • QNH and current winds display
  • ATC online window – filterable
  • In/Out window with all flights – filterable
  • Buttonbar for the most used functions
  • Basic label for not-owned targets
  • Extended label for owned (assumed) targets
  • Controller reminders: Cleared Flight Level, Cleared Speed, Cleared Waypoint
  • Two types of labels: normal and Upper Area Control label
  • Fast label positioning
  • Draggable labels
  • Label line length customisable
  • Speed Vector line length (time lines) customizable
  • All windows on Plan View Display can be hidden – (max view)
  • Fast color changing using pre-defined color profiles
  • Save/Load Controller profile for quick position setup
  • Support for squawk IDENT
  • Structured Auto ATIS creation
  • CommBox using tab pages
  • Tab highlights indicating new message
  • One primary and two secondary frequencies
  • Dedicated GUARD frequency tab
  • Dedicated ATC tab
  • Dedicated tab for system information
  • Dedicated tab for every chat channel
  • Many, many options to customize your radar screen and the additional windows


IVAC - IVAO virtual ATC client
IVAC - Sectorfile Testing Utility
IVAC - Sectorfile Circle Generator

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