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What is a VA ?

A virtual airline (VA) is a dedicated hobby organization whose aim is to simulate the flights and the traffic to model the operations of an airline.
Virtual airlines have a presence on the Internet, similar to a real airline. Some virtual airlines cover countries, or continents, while some operate internationally.


IVAO support shall consist out of local support by the division staff as defined below. The support by division staff is the main human factor. All other factors can be automated and only require relatively simple automated administrative processes.
  1. IVAO FOD will provide a website for VA listing, statistics and ACARS.
  2. Approval and management is the responsibility of the division FOC and FOAC or in their absence DIR and ADIR. VA removal however has to be requested by the divisions to the FOD.
  3. FOD always reserves the right to remove a VA from the registered VA list. Reasons for this action should be forward to the Executive.
  4. The Executive Council always reserves the right to remove a VA from the VA registered VA list. This could be based on any serious and/or regular transgressions of the IVAO R&R.


  1. To become a registered IVAO™ VA, your VA has to be free of charge for the members, and should not have a commercial goal. Your VA will not profit directly or indirectly from using the IVAO network, neither use IVAO™ name to do publicity for the company.
  2. Registered VAs are responsible for the logos and names they submit to the IVAO database. IVAO™ will not be responsible for copyright violations.
  3. Only IVAO™ member VAs will have the right to maintain a registered ICAO code. You can choose your own ICAO code during the registration process and it will be assigned to you. Multiple VAs with the same call sign can be included in the IVAO VA registered list. If the VA you are registering is based on a real airline, then you will be assigned the ICAO code of that real airline. Note: the reference for real airlines is ICAO Doc 8585.


To be an IVAO™ member VA and to maintain the registration, a VA must fulfil the following requirements:
  1. The CEO/Owner must:
    • Be a person at least 16 years old.
    • Have been registered on the IVAO network for at least 6 months.
  2. It is mandatory for VAs to use the IVAO ACARS system and are required to log every 6 months 50 legs/flights using the VA ICAO code from the date of the registration. If they fail to do so, then the system will automatically delete the VA from the registered list. Note: VAs can use their own ACARS parallel with the IVAO one. (Not Applicable Until Further Notice)
  3. The registration form must be completed and submitted by the CEO/Owner of the VA. This is to ensure a direct communication channel between the IVAO Flight Operations and VA management personnel.
  4. VA website shall display, at least on the homepage of the website, the provided official IVAO VA logo linked to IVAO™ main website.
  5. Registered VAs must adhere to the GDPR and any deviation from the GDPR will result in termination of the VA membership from IVAO.


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