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What is a VA ?

A virtual airline (VA) is a dedicated hobby organization whose aim is to simulate the flights and the traffic to model the operations of an airline.
Virtual airlines have a presence on the Internet, similar to a real airline. Some virtual airlines cover countries, or continents, while some operate internationally.

IVAO maintains an extensive list of "approved" virtual airlines that meet rules guidelines: fully functional website, at least 10 pilots active members of IVAO, CEO must be at least Private Pilot (PP)  or Aerodrome Controller (ADC) rating... (view the VA requirements).

IVAO has over 360 partnerships with virtual airlines and special operations organizations from all around the world.

Successful partnerships are based on mutual benefit : Registration database of virtual airlines and functionnaly access on IVAO tracker and pirep. In return, the VA help know the IVAO network thanks the link and logo placed on their website.

If your company already registered in IVAO and you don't see your company in the list, send an email clicking here to request to be added, including your IVAO Id number and your IVAO Forum's nick,

If no registered, click in Registration in the menu in the left of the screen. Only Virtual Airlines that are members of IVAO are included (your VA must satisfy the following the VA requirements).

NOTE: It's the owner of the company who must do the request.

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