All staff are volunteers who donate their time and expertise to IVAO. Staff members work within a global structure with every post having defined responsibilities.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors (BoG) consists of the legal managers of the NPO. Governors are appointed by the General Assembly for a two-year term.

The BoG is responsible for setting and maintaining IVAO Rules & Regulations.

BoG list

Executive Council

The Executive Council is appointed by the BoG and is responsible for the day-to-day management and oversight of the network.

They are also the highest governing body for all Network matters.



Departments are managed by a Director appointed by the Executive Council.

The Director is supported by specialised staff appropriate to the department's focus.

Department Staff


Divisions are managed by a Director appointed by the Executive Council. The Division director is usually local to the country or region.

Select a division from the list of active divisions to see the full staff list.

Active Divisions


On a daily basis a number of supervisors will be online for members to contact should any major problems arise. These supervisors are responsible for upholding the rules and regulations of the network and are contactable online via the .wallop command.