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The International Virtual Aviation Organisation, IVAO for short, was founded in 1998 to provide an online platform for flight simulation enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby in a simulated real-world environment, in company of other people, flying or providing Air Traffic Control services.

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Upcoming Events

[05 MAR | 15z-18z] [IR] Destination Urmia

Urmia, also known as Urmu or Orumiyeh is a significant city located in the northwest of Iran Urmia is nestled by the beautiful Lake Urmia which is one of the largest saltwater lakes in the world The city has a rich history dating back to ancient times and it has been a melting pot of various cultures and ethnicities

[HQ] Fly with a Governor - Leg 51

Welcome to the fifty-one edition of Fly with a Governor This events series is brought to you by the Board of Governors and is a combination of two parts The first part of this event will be a group flight from CYUL to BIKF

[08 MAR | 22z - 04z] [HQ+PE+EC+CL+CO+AR+BR+BO+UY+VE] Latam MSE

Welcome to the LATAM MSE event In this mega event we have joined the Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Venezuela divisions to fly together to Peru Each Division has been assigned a certain number of slots, an origin airport and a destination airport to fill the sky with planes flying in an orderly manner just as in real life

[XN] Baltic Triangle

IVAO Events and IVAO Nordic Region is pleased to invite you to the welcome party of a new region joining the Nordic Multicountry Division This Event will involve Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius on a Triangle Airbridge from 15z to 20z offering full ATC service along the aerospace making sure everyone who is participating has a lot of fun during their time You will have the opportunity to discover Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius with some cold winds and maybe some snowfalls we will surely enjoy discovering these three airports as well as their regions while flying or controlling on them

[10 MAR | 17z -20z][HQ+SI+HR] Balkan Capital Connect

IVAO Slovenia and IVAO Croatia in cooperation with IVAO Events Department proudly present the return of Balkan Capital Connect! Fly from the scenic mountains of Slovenia to the beaches of Croatia, from Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia to the historic city of Belgrade in Serbia You have endless options with 30 airports to choose from Come and join us for a great experience in the virtual skies of IVAO

Geneva - Athens Airbridge

The Hellenic Division and Switzerland Division invite you on Sunday, March 10, 2024 17:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC (19:00 LT - 22:00 LT), to participate as a pilot, on our Airbridge Event from Athens to Geneva and/or vice versa Come and fly in the Hellenic & Swiss Airspace! Full ATC Coverage will be provided both Athinai and Geneva FIR as well as the aerodromes

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