International Virtual Aviation Organisation

The International Virtual Aviation Organisation, IVAO for short, was founded in 1998 to provide an online platform for flight simulation enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby in a simulated real-world environment, in company of other people, flying or providing Air Traffic Control services.

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Upcoming Events

[17 APR | 18z - 23z] [HQ+XM] DAMASCUS RFE

We are excited to invite you to join Damascus RFE, a broad variety of real flights for different airlines that operate daily, weekly flights inbound or outbound Damascus airport OSDI It is an excellent opportunity to share a unique and exhilarating experience together in the skies!

[19 APR | 14z - 19z] [HQ+SI+AT+IT] The 4th IVAO Connect Event

The IVAO Connect Events is a series of events organized solely by the IVAO Events Department in partnership with active IVAO divisions The purpose is to increase our event’s network activity by connecting neighbour divisions through special events Three divisions will participate in these events, with each division having two airports, resulting in a total of six airports for the event Pilots are required to complete two flights between these six airports, with the only condition being that the flights cannot be between two airports within the same division

[19 APR | 12z - 15z] [TH+ID+IN+XE] Welcome to Thailand

The IVAO Thailand Events Department is pleased to host the Welcome to Thailand event We invite travelers from across Asia to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and vibrant culture of Thailand Come and experience the warmth of the people, and you wont be disappointed We warmly welcome everyone to Thailand IVAO Thailand Division Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from various countries, known for its rich culture, abundant natural attractions, and relaxing retreats for travelers It offers unique Thai cuisine, including must-try dishes like Tom Yum Goong (spicy shrimp soup) Bangkok, the capital city, is a captivating metropolis where people from diverse backgrounds converge, making it a must-visit destination Thailand welcomes visitors to explore its intriguing sights and experiences Welcome to Thailand

[XO] Events Tour - Leg 4

Fly with Nico Reimann (XO-ADIR/FOC/MC/EC) from Adelaide to Hobart and enjoy full ATC coverage

[SO Event] [ES] [20APR | 15Z - 17] European Tactical Airlift Training

Special Operations Event: “Que empiece el espectáculo” is a two-day exercise, only for Transports in wich we will perform the ETAAP 24-01 at Zaragoza AFB between the 20th and 21st of April 2024 20th April 2024 Fly in LEZG 21th April 2024 Tranport Parachute / charge trainning (CAS) “Que comience el espectáculo” es un ejercicio de dos días, sólo para Transportes en el que realizaremos la ETAAP 24-01 en la Base Aérea de Zaragoza entre los días 20 y 21 de abril de 2024 20 de abril de 2024 Vuela en LEZG 21 de abril de 2024 Transporte en paracaídas / entrenamiento de carga Event Master Plan is provided on the HQ-SOD website Participant registration is required on the HQ-SOD website

[20 APR | 16z - 19z][HQ, PL, HU] Budapest - Warsaw Dual Airbridge

It is a huge pleasure for the Polish and Hungarian Divisions to publish our Dual Airbridge Event between Warsaw and Budapest We invite all enquiring pilots in the event of this special occasion, where full ATC coverage will be provided from 1600z in both countries Don’t waste time, let’s fly and control! We invite you to join us day 20 April of 2024 and enjoy

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