Welcome to IVAO's Automated Examination System. The exams for Controllers or Pilots have been structured based upon a progressive ranking system that is based upon examinations and hours. Please check our Exam Policy page for details.

Theoretical exams

Upon request, an exam will be created for you. The questions will be selected at random from a predefined list.

The language used for questions is English.

A theoretical exam consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. You have a maximum of 45 minutes to fill in the examination paper, and should you exceed this limit, the exam will be recorded as failed. You can submit your answers as often as you want during the 45 minutes of the exam. Only the last submission will be taken into account. We recommend you submit your exam on a regular basis in order to avoid to be marked 0 points if you are disconnected or if you exceed the 45 minutes limit. Note that our system does not allow the resetting of theoretical exams.

The pass-mark for the exam is 75/100.

Practical exams

After succeeding in a theoretical test, you can request a practical exam that will be assigned to an examiner.

Be careful to check your e-mail address registered with IVAO on your personal page since it is the only one the examiner will use to contact you.

Practical exams should be done within one month after applying for it, so do not ask for an exam if you know you will be unavailable in the weeks to come.

Only specify in the “comments” part of the exam things that could be important for the examiner (availability, requested position for ATC exams, etc).

Check your status or request exam

Now, if you are ready, you can check your status or request a new exam, by opening the exam status page.