Effective January 1st, 2019, the following regulation (approved by the Board of Governors) becomes valid:

GCA Link to the Rules
Divisions, participating in the GCA (Guest Controller Approval) program, may require users registered with foreign divisions, to obtain a GCA before being allowed to log on to a FRA restricted position. Such GCA requirement(s) shall be published on the division website in English language.

The following 55 divisions are participating (data current as of September 3, 2018):

DZ Flag Algeria Algeria
AR Flag Argentina Argentina
AU Flag Australia Australia
AT Flag Austria Austria
XB Flag BELUX Region BELUX Region
BR Flag Brazil Brazil
CL Flag Chile Chile
CN Flag China China
CO Flag Colombia Colombia
HR Flag Croatia Croatia
CZ Flag Czech Republic Czech Republic
DO Flag Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
XE Flag East Asia Region East Asia Region
EG Flag Egypt Egypt
FR Flag France France
PF Flag French Polynesia French Polynesia
XG Flag GCC Region GCC Region
GE Flag Georgia Georgia
DE Flag Germany Germany
GR Flag Greece Greece
HK Flag Hong Kong Hong Kong
HU Flag Hungary Hungary
IN Flag India India
ID Flag Indonesia Indonesia
IR Flag Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iran (Islamic Republic of)
IT Flag Italy Italy
KW Flag Kuwait Kuwait
MX Flag Mexico Mexico
XM Flag Middle East Region Middle East Region
MA Flag Morocco Morocco
NL Flag Netherlands Netherlands
AN Flag Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles
XN Flag Nordic Region Nordic Region
XA Flag North America Region North America Region
PL Flag Poland Poland
PT Flag Portugal Portugal
RO Flag Romania Romania
RU Flag Russian Federation Russian Federation
SA Flag Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
SN Flag Senegal Senegal
RS Flag Serbia Serbia
SK Flag Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
SI Flag Slovenia Slovenia
ZA Flag South Africa South Africa
ES Flag Spain Spain
SD Flag Sudan Sudan
CH Flag Switzerland Switzerland
SY Flag Syrian Arab Republic Syrian Arab Republic
TH Flag Thailand Thailand
TN Flag Tunisia Tunisia
TR Flag Turkey Turkey
UA Flag Ukraine Ukraine
AE Flag United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
GB Flag United Kingdom United Kingdom
VE Flag Venezuela Venezuela

If you want to control as a Guest Controller in one of the mentioned divisions, please contact the division's HQ at xx-hq@ivao.aero (replace xx with the division's two letter code), or click on the flag to visit their web site for further information. (Opens in a new window.)