Active Divisions (91)

Under Construction Divisions (6)

Id Flag Country Comments
DZ Algeria Active
AO Angola Active
AR Argentina Active
AW Aruba Active
AU Australia Active
AT Austria Active
BS Bahamas Active
BH Bahrain Active
BY Belarus Under Construction
BE Belgium Active
XB BELUX Region Active
BW Botswana Active
BR Brazil Active
BG Bulgaria Under Construction
CA Canada Active
CL Chile Active
CN China Under Construction
CO Colombia Active
HR Croatia Active
CZ Czech Republic Active
DK Denmark Active
DO Dominican Republic Active
XE   East Asia Region Active
EG Egypt Active
FI Finland Active
FR France Active
PF French Polynesia Active
XG GCC Region Active
DE Germany Active
GR Greece Active
HK Hong Kong Active
HU Hungary Active
IS Iceland Active
IN India Active
ID Indonesia Active
IR Iran (Islamic Republic of) Active
IQ Iraq Active
IE Ireland Active
IL Israel Under Construction
IT Italy Active
JO Jordan Active
KZ Kazakhstan Active
KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Active
KR Korea, Republic of Active
KW Kuwait Active
LB Lebanon Active
LU Luxembourg Active
MO Macau Active
MY Malaysia Active
MT Malta Under Construction
MX Mexico Active
XM   Middle East Region Active
MA Morocco Active
MZ Mozambique Active
NA Namibia Active
NL Netherlands Active
AN Netherlands Antilles Active
NC New Caledonia Active
NZ New Zealand Active
XN Nordic Region Active
XA North America Region Active
NO Norway Active
XO Oceanic Region Active
OM Oman Active
PE Peru Active
PH Philippines Active
PL Poland Active
PT Portugal Active
QA Qatar Active
RO Romania Active
RU Russian Federation Active
XR   Russian Federation and Kazakhstan MCD Active
SA Saudi Arabia Active
SN Senegal Active
RS Serbia Under Construction
SK Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Active
SI Slovenia Active
ZA South Africa Active
XZ Southern Africa Region Active
ES Spain Active
SU Sudan Active
SE Sweden Active
CH Switzerland Active
SY Syrian Arab Republic Active
TW Taiwan Active
TH Thailand Active
TN Tunisia Active
TR Turkey Active
UA Ukraine Active
AE United Arab Emirates Active
GB United Kingdom Active
XU United Kingdom and Ireland MCD Active
US United States Active
UY Uruguay Active
VE Venezuela Active
VN Vietnam Active
ZW Zimbabwe Active