00:00 - IVAO-ES 2.000.000 Hours Online!!!

IVAO-ES is the first active division in IVAO that arrives to the magic number of 2.000.000 online hours. In order to celebrate this important fact, we would like to have in our airspace during 24 hours the biggest number of pilots and controllers online. It would be fantastic to mantain opened the 5 CTRs during all the day. In this special event, we will give different awards for ATCs and pilots who participate in the event. Read carefully the event's web to know how to obtain them.

The event will start on September the 5th at 10:00 UTC and will finished 24 hours after, on September the 6th at 10:00 UTC

Let's do this event someting unforgettable!!!

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IVAO-MX invites everyone to join us

Between 00:00-00:00z

Every first Sunday of every month to our


Fly any destination within MEXICO


You can't miss it!!!!

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16:00 - Finnish Online Day


The Finnish division of IVAO has grown to a record size during recent times. The number of active members has increased remarkably and we are able to offer more ATC service and pilots. Finland is known for its four distinct seasons and its thousands of lakes. It lies in Northern Europe as a western neighbor of Russia.

Every Sunday starting 1600UTC will be an online evening in Finland. During the event the whole country will be covered with area control. In addition, Finland's largest airport, Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK) and one of the airports in Northern Finland will be manned.

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17:00 - Caribbean OnlineSUNday

We invite all friends of the Caribbean Area to fly every sunday 17.00 - 21 Z - this is also the best time for flying the VFR / IFR / HELI / ULM - Tours of the Division of the Netherland Antilles

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17:00 - Airlines Anniversary Event

This Sunday, 6 th September we celebrate double anniversary. 2nd birthday from the found virtual aircompany X-AiR and 1st birthday from the found Ukraine International Airlines in IVAO.

We happy for invite all IVAO pilots to take part in anniversary flight. our first route in IVAO: Mineralnyye Vody - Odesa.

Everyone who will take part in our anniversary event - will receive in the award a medal "Aviation Celebration Events"

After flight , go to http://tours.ivao.aero choose UA Division then choose AUI09XAR09 tour and send your report. After validation you will get awards "Aviation Celebration Events".

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