03:00 - [DE] München RFE

Munich airport is one of the biggest hubs in Europe. 230 destinations within 70 countries operated by about 100 airlines. With a slot capacity of 90 flight movements per hour and a terminal capacity of 50 million passengers per year, Munich airport is Germany's second largest airport.

Munich is also very important within IVAO, especially on Saturday, 16th September 2017. You will be able to choose your flight(s) out of a list of 1027 real flights. We will be serving you with a full staffed airport. Controlled from a specially arranged spot.

Be advised that booked flights do have priority and that you may have to face a delay or even a diversion to your alternate if we can't fit your individual flight in the sequence.

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17:00 - [XN] Helsinki Streaming Event

Welcome to this one of a kind event!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a pilot or ATC -
bring your wings, your stream and your best voice and head for the capital of Finland, Helsinki!
We encourage as many of you as possible to open a stream to show both other flight simmers and the world what we are up to!

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Every Saturday 17:00 Zulu, members of the Algerian Division are invited to communicate only using English phraseology. everybody is welcome to fly in our skies to discover the talent of the most active division in Africa.

DZ Division wish you good flight !

All charts are available at: Algeria Charts

Come and fly in Algeria !

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17:00 - [XM] Middle East Region Online Day

Expect our airspace to be alive and operative every Saturday from 1700z to 2100z. Don't forget that if you participate in 25 online days you will receive the (Online Day Award).

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Egyptian Online Day is Held Every Saturday at 18:00 Z . Bring Your Wings & Come To See The Nile River , New Suez Canal and the Great Pyramids and Fly Under our Great ATC .

Also Feel totally Free to Contact me if you need anything On ( eg-ec@ivao.aero )

For more information, please visit the Egyptian division Forum at: EG Forum

see you all there.

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19:00 - [HU] Hungarian Online Evening

Fly to the fully staffed Hungary FIR, every Saturday, and report your leg to the MODA system.
Hope to see you there.

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20:00 - [CL] Chile Independence Day

Celebrating 207 years of Independence

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