17:00 - [KW+SA+JO] OKBK OEMA OJAI Tripple Airbridge

Kuwait, KSA and Jordan divisions are pleased to invite all IVAO Pilots to participate with us in the OKBK OEMA OJAI Tripple Airbridge Event .

Three major airports are involved in this event;
OKBK - Kuwait International Airport
OEMA - Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport (Medina)
OJAI - Queen Alia International Airport

Pilots can preform any flight between the three airports to get a pilot event point (fill the MODA Pilot Event Tour report which belongs to the arrival airport's division)

Time & Date

Thursday, 20th of April 2017.
Starts at 17.00z to 21.00z.

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17:30 - [XZ] Southern African Region MCD IFR Evening

Come and join the Southern African Region MCD for their weekly IFR On Line Evening from 17.30z to 20.00z! Full ATC coverage provided between the airports as shown on the SA Region Official Home page

For more information click here.