13:00 - [AR] ONLINE DAY 24

1.1 Award given to any PILOT or ATC that has participated in 25 OnLine days sessions.
1.2 All Saturdays from 13:00z to 23:59z
1.3 Peak Hour: 18:00z to 21:00z
1.4 Only flights within Argentine territory will be valid.

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15:00 - [SO Event] [ES] [20APR | 15Z - 17] European Tactical Airlift Training

Special Operations Event: “Que empiece el espectáculo” is a two-day exercise, only for Transports in wich we will perform the ETAAP 24-01 at Zaragoza AFB between the 20th and 21st of April 2024.

20th April 2024 Fly in LEZG.
21th April 2024 Tranport Parachute / charge trainning (CAS).

“Que comience el espectáculo” es un ejercicio de dos días, sólo para Transportes en el que realizaremos la ETAAP 24-01 en la Base Aérea de Zaragoza entre los días 20 y 21 de abril de 2024.

20 de abril de 2024 Vuela en LEZG.
21 de abril de 2024 Transporte en paracaídas / entrenamiento de carga.

Event Master Plan is provided on the HQ-SOD website.
Participant registration is required on the HQ-SOD website.

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16:00 - [20 APR | 16z - 19z][HQ, PL, HU] Budapest - Warsaw Dual Airbridge

It is a huge pleasure for the Polish and Hungarian Divisions to publish our Dual Airbridge Event between Warsaw and Budapest.
We invite all enquiring pilots in the event of this special occasion, where full ATC coverage will be provided from 1600z in both countries.

Don’t waste time, let’s fly and control!

We invite you to join us day 20 April of 2024 and enjoy

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16:00 - [20 APR | 12z - 16z] [XE] Hong Kong - Taipei Airbridge

The most awaited event is returning! the Golden Airbridge connecting Hong Kong and Taipei! The East Asia Region Division is thrilled to present a 4-hour airbridge event that links these two vibrant metropolises with a swift one-hour flight time, complete with comprehensive ATC coverage at both airports.

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17:00 - Amsterdam - Thessaloniki Dual Airbridge

The Hellenic Division and Netherlands Division invite you on Saturday, April 20, 2024 17:00 UTC - 21:00 UTC (20:00 LT - 24:00 LT), to participate as a pilot, on our Airbridge Event from Amsterdam to Thessaloniki and/or vice versa. Come and fly in the Hellenic & Netherlands Airspace! Full ATC Coverage will be provided both Makedonia and Amsterdam FIR as well as the aerodromes.

All International flights, IFR Flights are welcomed.

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Every Saturday between 1800z and 0200z (peak time between 2100z and 0000z) you can fly and/or control to obtain a maximum of (2) points, one for control and one for flight to hold the medal. We hope for a good influx of traffic and ATC service. Do your bit too!

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19:00 - [VE] Venezuela Online Day

The Venezuela Division wants to invite you to participate in its weekly event "Online Day Venezuela"
with full control in Venezuela.
We are waiting for you!!!

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21:00 - [PE] Online Day

The Peruvian division presents our ONLINE DAY 2024.

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