Vehicles-FMC Rules and Regulations

Issued  23 July 2005

            IVAO™ Rules and Regulations

    11.- Rules and Regulations for the use of Follow Me Car (FMC) and other Vehicles.

11.1 - The Division shall determine which airports, if any, where FMC's are allowed.  This shall be as shown in the Facility Rating Assignment System (FRAS).

11.2 - A TWR must be manned before the FM car(s) can be used.

11.3 - Double connections or TWR's connecting with FM Services too, is not allowed and will be suspended for two (2) days.

11.4 - FMC Services shall be used in a correct coordination with ATC and with his/her approval.

11.5 -  Speed Restrictions:  Runways MAX 60 MPH (100 Km/h), Taxiways MAX 30 MPH (50 Km/h), and Gate Areas MAX 20 MPH (25 Km/h).

11.6 - Racing or anything that constitutes reckless operations of a vehicle, will result in a suspension for a minimum of seven (7) days.

11.7 - The FM car drive must be familiar with the airport procedures, have their lights on at all times, have a minimum ATC rating of Aerodrome Controller (ADC) , and adhere to the same Rules and Regulations for ATC procedures, where applicable.

11.8 - The call sign of the FM car shall be the ICAO of the airport and FMx, for example:  Brussels, EBBRFM1 . . . if a second one EBBRFM2, and so on.

11.9 - Other land type vehicles or water craft, e.g boats, ships, and etc, are prohibited.


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